What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a Journey.

Your wellness journey is like the trek up a mountain. The path and mission are yours, but I'll be walking alongside you, keeping you on track and forward-focused. It's like having your own personal trail guide!

What to expect in our coaching sessions:

  • An unconditionally supportive space, free of judgement. I am not here to be a netural party. I'm on Team You. My job is to believe in you more than you believe in yourself.
  • A laboratory. There's going to be a lot of experimentation in our journey together. No strategy or method works for everyone. We'll try different techniques and learn what motivates you and what's going to help you get where you're going faster.
  • An empathetic listener. I know what it's like to work through chronic disease, financial stress, obesity, and sleep dysfunction. It's a heavy burden, especially if you're also caring for others. The journey hasn't been easy, but I've been accompanied by others along the way. Now I'm here for you.

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Workshops & Retreats

Workplace wellness is important for small business too! I offer affordable workshops and wellness coaching programs for small to medium size businesses.

In group coaching, I take a small group and guide them through a series of sessions focused on a designated wellness topic.

In the workplace, group coaching can improve employee wellness and reduce stress.

Benefits of group coaching:

  • A better chance of achieving your goals. Studies show that people procrastinate less and reach their goals faster when working alongside others.
  • An ongoing support system. Groups allow meaningful connection, not just within the group, but that often extends when the coaching program ends.
  • A cost-effective solution. Receive the expertise of a coach while sharing the cost with others.

Want to know more?

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A photo of multiple people grabbing a tree trunk
A man breathing deeply
A man breathing deeply

What is Breath Therapy?

If you experience persistent anxiety, trouble sleeping, or difficulty breathing, you may not realize that the way you breathe can affect these conditions—for better or for worse.

I offer specialized training in the Buteyko Breathing Method. Practicers of this technique can experience more control over anxiety, better quality of sleep, more energy, less breathlessness, and improved focus.

You could benefit from breath therapy if you:

  • Struggle to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Live with breathing disorders such as asthma, sleep apnea, or long COVID.
  • Have a child/teen who breathes improperly (through the mouth) or has any of the above conditions.

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Organizational Wellness

Are you a forward-thinking leader who wants the best for your employees? Do you admire companies like Patagonia, known for their top-tier company culture?

Prioritizing employee wellness is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

I take on a limited number of corporate clients for my organizational wellness consulting program.

Services typically include:

  • A comprehensive corporate wellness assessment informed by interviews with your employees, a review of your employee handbook, discussions with your HR team, and your wellness budget.
  • A strategic wellness plan, within your wellness budget, designed to increase employee happiness and well-being.
  • 1:1 leadership coaching for business owners/executives
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